10 Reasons Why Plantation Shutters are the Ultimate Window Furnishings treatment for Your Home…

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Shutters

Plantation shutters have been around for as long as anyone can remember, they are timeless and work in any design scheme from modern or classic, to coastal or Hamptons, art deco, country etc. You name it, shutters will blend beautifully.  

With various shutter qualities available, including Poly, Aluminium, Thermalite and other composites plus several timber options, pricing can vary significantly, and they tend to be one of the more expensive window furnishing options. Poly has become the most popular option being more cost effective and still with impressive performance and maintenance attributes. 

So, what really makes shutters stand out are the benefits and why they are worth the money? Let us break this down: 

  1. Shutters are the most durable option on the market for internal treatments. Our shutters come with a 20-year warranty, so you can be assured that you will have them for the long haul. 
  1. They are a single treatment that can be adjusted to allow light into the room or dimout light in the room. To achieve both dim-out and sheer privacy with most blinds and curtains you would need to pay for double the treatment. 
  1. They are great for shielding your home against heat in summer and they insulate your home during winter. 
  1. They are the easiest treatment to clean and maintain, made of poly they are completely wipeable and are termite resistant. 
  1. They provide privacy and an extra layer of security to your home and are custom designed for your windows. They are available hinged, bi-fold and in slider operation. They can be manufactured in custom shapes to suit an obscure window frame. 
  1. They are timeless in design and one of the most robust treatments on the market for internal window furnishings; they do not date and you will not need to replace them to keep up with trends. 
  1. You control the louver size and positioning on your shutters with a tilt-rod system for independent louvre adjustments, as well as their paint colour. You choose from a range of design options to suit your window or wall colours. 
  1. They are custom built to suit your window layout, depending on the window layout they have various frames and methods of installation to ensure regardless of your window they will fit. 
  1. They are water resistant, which makes them suitable in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Poly shutters are resistant to humidity and moisture due to their composition. 
  1. And finally, they are an investment, they add direct value to the appraisal of your home, considered to have great street appeal when visible from the exterior of the home.