When most people think of a well-designed space there is a strong emphasis on how the space looks, but have you ever thought about how a well-designed space sounds and the impact good acoustics can have on one’s mental wellbeing?

We live in a world that is saturated with distractions, gadgets and noise, our senses are in constant over stimulation from the environments that surround us, and unwanted noise affects our wellness.

Sound is normal and healthy; it is a natural part of the human experience. However,

Recent studies have shown that extended exposure to unnecessary noises within an indoor space can cause distraction and tiredness, as well as increase our blood pressure, leading to decreased productivity and mental fatigue.

With it being estimated that around 90% of the population spend their time indoors, with eight or more hours at work, we need to take a closer look at how good acoustics can help aid mental wellbeing within the home and workplace.


There is nothing more important today than good mental health, and our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing influences how we think, feel and act. It also determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices in our day-to-day routine. According to a survey done by CEU, the biggest sources of unwanted noises are co-workers talking to one another, talking on the phone, phones ringing, people walking around and printer/fax machines in use. All of which negatively impacts one’s productivity and workflow.

Recent studies have shown that extended exposure to unnecessary noises within an indoor space can cause distraction and tiredness, as well as increase our blood pressure, leading to decreased productivity and mental fatigue.

Reilly’s Office

We understand that aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand which is why Reilly’s have been at the forefront of suppling and installing acoustic products across both commercial and residential projects.

Although, in recent years and more noticeably after covid, we have seen a spike in requests for information around acoustics ranges and how they can be incorporated into the project’s interior design.

Acoustic fabrics are one of the most popular products on the market as they offer an affordable and effective acoustic solution when manufactured into curtains, blinds and even wall art. Each fabric is tested and awarded an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) which relates to the absorption effectiveness of the material.

We are lucky enough to work with market leaders in this space, supplying an extensive range of these products and are proud to be able to resolve the needs of each project to provide various treatments that can transform the acoustics in a space and aid in creating an environment to function with reduced stress and anxiety.


In the Reilly’s office we first hand experienced the effects of poor acoustics when moving into our new open plan working space, this negatively impacted our staffs productivity and ability to complete tasks efficiently, with constant distractions and noises echoing around the room. As industry specialists we new what to do quickly, so, we installed:

  • Acoustic artwork on each wall
  • Acoustic roller blinds using the Frequency Acoustic fabric range by Materialised
  • Acoustic Felt of on our stations
  • Acoustic curtains in the boardroom, using the Hush Acoustic Drapery range by Materialised
Reilly’s Office

The team immediately noticed a difference, “when someone took a phone call, before (acoustics were installed), you just couldn’t focus or get any work completed. Once we hung the artwork and installed the blinds there was an immediate reduction in the echo and the space felt calmer” (Duncan Reilly). Out team not only loved the visual aesthetic of the new products but how it created a softer, more workable space for them all.


With acoustics becoming more prominent in today’s design world, we are proud to share some recent projects featuring these systems. The results have been outstanding…


with Buildcorp Interiors (Workplace)

At NSW Cricket we supplied and installed acoustic products throughout the new HQ and all facilities, this included curtains and motorised blinds. At time of specification the team at Buildcorp expressed the need for the materials to reach a certain acoustic rating, as the build featured large open plan office spaces and numerous meeting rooms where staff would be collaborating and working from daily, acoustics were essential to provide the most functional space for the end user.


with Buildcorp Interiors (Workplace)

At the new Aurecon North Sydney Office, it was of huge importance to the company to ensure that noise reduction and sound absorption was considered, we installed acoustic curtains across various areas including the CEO’s office and main boardroom. We used layers of acoustic fabrics that were both aesthetically pleasing and met specification requirements.


with Buildcorp Interiors (Hospitality)

At the infamous Shell House Venue in Sydney, reducing the echo in the space was extremely important to the client, and in order to meet the acoustic requirements, we sewed an acoustic lining in between two decorative fabrics to ensure the curtain was able to absorb the excess noise within the loud dining room. We are currently manufacturing more triple layered curtains to frame the surrounding walls of this area to reduce noise even further, as this is a high traffic space and creating a calm and inviting environment is critical in the hospitality industry.


with Gilmore Interiors (Aged Care)

When you arrive at Presbyterian Aged Care’s award winning The Terraces at paddington, you are welcomed into a vast foyer with cafe and meeting space for residents and their family to share. The noise created by the reverberations of sounds off the hard surfaces in this beautiful space needed controlling so we used the Hush acoustics range by Materialised and were able to reduce the noise within the room by covering the glazing from ceiling to floor. 

Head to our project portfolio to view more projects that have used acoustic products.

At Reilly’s we are all about understanding the space and its desired functionality and only putting forward products that will enhance the design and practicality thereof. As the late Steve Jobs describes it “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works”.

Awareness of mental health issues and the importance of employee and individual wellbeing has never been as important as it is today, so if you are working on a project that requires acoustic products or would simply like to understand more about this topic, contact us today on 02 9668 8459.