This project was architecturally unique, and our window coverings had to compliment the architects’ designs. We went as far as manufacturing every hotel room curtain with a custom off-centre split to ensure the curtains met on the timber panelling, this was extremely intricate but was essential to control the amount of light leaking through the centre when the curtains were closed or in use.

Additionally, there was a requirement to custom curve each track to suit the distinct boomerang-shaped design of the facade. Most companies would have needed to outsource this, which we knew would be timely and costly. Our solution was to source and build a custom curver specifically for this project to ensure we worked efficiently and in-line with the builder’s programme.

In the café lounge, we installed the incredibly impressive 7m high sheer curtains with custom curved motorised tracks that surround the space, creating a lush, warm and cosy place to relax.