Interview with Josephine Maruca Parker 

JMP Interior Design

Based in Sydney’s Northern beaches, JMP Interior Design, is known for creating beautiful bespoke spaces that evoke emotion.

Reillys has had the pleasure of knowing owner and design director,  Josephine Maruca-Parker, for many years having collaborated with her on a number of projects in the aged care sector. 

Josephine has a strong belief that the perfectly designed space requires a harmonious relationship between aesthetics and functionality and this premise forms the foundation of JMP Interior Design.

When did you first become a designer? 

It may sound cliché but I feel like ‘designing’ has always been a part of me. As a little girl,  I was obsessed with rearranging  my Barbie doll houses and as a teen I would redecorate my room all the time. I finished school and went straight into a Bachelor of Design in Interior Design and a Sub-Major in Architectural Studies at UTS.

I commenced my career at Gilmore Interior Design in 2010 as an assistant and over the years was promoted to Design Manager. 

Having grown up in a family of migrants, I have always had a strong work ethic and desire to own my own business. I was the first in my family to attend university and with that came an enormous amount of pressure to succeed and have something to call my own.

Following the birth of my daughter in 2019, mid pandemic, I decided it was time. And in 2020, I opened the doors to JMP Interior Design.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere, sometimes it can be something you see on site when you visit a client for the first time, or it can be a passing comment the client made. Then sometimes it can be as simple as the colour of a flower I see on my morning walk.

 Do you have a style king or queen?

My style queen in Kelly Wrestler I love her free spirit and boldness in mixing styles, materials, textures, and colour. Her designs consist of layers both architecturally and aesthetically, and always pay honour to history and locality of the project.

What do you love most about your job?

The aspect I love most about my job is bringing clients visions to life and helping clients identify their vision.

You have worked in both commercial and residential design – what are the major differences?

The major difference is timeframes – commercial projects are always fast paced; decisions are made swiftly, and we work our way through the design process very systematically. 

Whereas with residential projects, clients can take time making decisions, we explore far more options and clients become more involved in the selections of finishes and fixtures. 

Designing and renovating a home is generally a client’s largest investment. With that comes some level of personal risk, and at times emotional highs and lows.

 The most important thing for me is to build trust with my clients, so that they know the successful outcome of the project is always at the centre of all decision making.

What is the most common question you get asked when it comes to interior design?

Honestly…. It’s ‘What exactly do interior designers do?

When you style a home (or facility), is your preference something that is visually appealing or practical?

There must always be a balance between functionality and aesthetics, this is something I have always believed, hence why JMP Interior Design’s philosophy is to create harmonious interiors that balance aesthetics and functionality.


What’s the first thing to consider when choosing window furnishings?

I firstly consider how the space will be used, the level of natural light, external views and how we want the space to feel.


If you could only choose one (Curtains, Blinds or Shutters) which would be it and why?  

Curtains – every day of the week! Curtains will always transform a space and set the tone/mood for an interior.

Below is a gallery of JMP Interior Designs work:

 If you’re looking to redesign your home with Josephine and the Reillys team, contact us at 02 9668 8459.

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