Family Matters. What it’s like to work in the family business


Reillys was established in 2003 by David – The ‘Reilly’ founder commonly known as ‘Dad’ to Cassie, Jill, Duncan and Callum.

Left – Right: Duncan, Jillian, David, Cassie, Callum.

As kids, they watched their dad start his own business in the back of the house and can vividly recall the moment he drafted up plans for his first ever job during their annual Easter camping holiday. And even though the family continues to holiday at the same spot 20 years later, the holiday looks a little different these days.

Whilst all four kids have followed in David’s footsteps and proudly joined the family business, this was never the expectation. In fact all four children forged successful independent careers in Fashion Design, Administration & Customer Service and Carpentry

David, circa 2003

“Dad had been tempting me to work with him for years, it always seemed very convenient, however we generally tended to bump heads so I tried to avoid this as I was scared it might affect our relationship. He eventually got me when I had just returned from overseas and had no job and once, I started, I realised there was so much room for me to grow and learn new things to help the business. We also worked out a way to work well together that did not affect our relationship to this day”.

Jillian, General Manager

It’s a common conception that working together may cause friction in the family and for a lot of businesses it can and does happen. But not in the case of Reillys. “We ride through the highs and lows together. As a family, it makes the wins so much more rewarding as we share them together and the challenges seem easier to overcome as you are working through it all together”.

It’s a business that is built on relationships. Internally and externally. Anyone who joins the Reillys team becomes a part of the family.

“I love working with my family as I know some people don’t get to see their family very often. I’m very lucky I get to see mine everyday”.

Callum, Operations Manager

The Reillys team share a common vision and the leadership approach is one you will only find in a family business. It’s not your regular business. It’s the kind of business that’s led by people for the people. One where you can expect honest, trusted advice and support. One that is united. Like family

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