Orana in Residence

Throwing back to a much loved project – Orana in Residence.

In September 2019, Renowned Adelaide restaurant, Orana popped up in Surry Hills, Sydney.Inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna, Chef Jock Zonfrillo had a vision that was innovative, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.

Working with SJB and Promena Constructions, we were tasked to help create a space that reflected the restaurant’s intimacy and complimented the earthy aesthetics of the Australian land. All whilst creating functional zones with use of luxurious curtains and tracks to divide the open plan, industrial space.

The 5 week pop up restaurant was a huge success and a true credit to our team who only had 2 weeks to turn the project around. Not only were the products installed in record time, but we had the additional pressure of creating something bespoke.

The designers were after a black suspended track that cleared the exposed timber beams and created an S wave drape. Unfortunately, an ‘off the shelf’ solution would not be feasible as the majority of available black tracks that can be suspended need fixings every 80cm and they would not withstand the weight of a heavy curtain.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, we were able to custom spray a track that could span 3m without suspension and found a runner that would work in the track that could house the S-wave drape. We then custom bent the tracks by hand, onsite, to ensure a perfect effect and create a room divider that was as beautiful as it was functional.

“Thanks guys, you were brilliant helping us work out the problems and find not just stunning but affordable solutions 🙂 Thank you.

Orana in Residence was housed at the old Longrain site in Sydney’s Surry Hills. With Longrain closing its doors not long beforehand, the blanket space allowed us to hone in on our creativity and bring a warm luxe interior with acoustic performance to what was otherwise an industrial open space.

We used a range of fabrics to create private dining areas, shield the kitchen and cover doorways, ranging from delicate sheers to maintain some visual openness, and heavier textured drapery with acoustic performance. No expense was spared, and every piece of furniture, food and decor was thoughtfully curated to give the ultimate sensory experience.

Jock Zonfrillo is at the forefront of Australian cuisine and supporting the communities behind it. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this experience and work alongside him and all of those involved in the 5 week residency.


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