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Acoustic Products

Today’s architecture is full of design elements like large spans of glass, vast open-plan spaces and lots of hard surfaces like timber, steel and concrete. These surfaces can sometimes create a problem for the functionality in the environment with sound echoing, and noise amplified by sound bouncing from these hard surfaces.

Reillys, in conjunction with our industry partners, can offer acoustic solutions in the form of curtains, blinds and wall mounted decorative panels which are not only aesthetically pleasing, the also have NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating.

Different types of Acoustic Products

Acoustic Art

A striking and cost-effective acoustic solution. A custom decorative piece, with an acoustic medium infill, which is wall mounted to add both a visual element and practical solution for spaces that are negatively affected by sound.

Acoustic Drapery

A customisable finish to soften the space along with add a functional element. Sheer & Heavy drapes manufactured using fabrics with a NRC rating in the best heading to support the technical properties of the fabric.

Acoustic Blinds

A compact and practical acoustic solution with a chain operated roller blinds manufactured using specified acoustic blind fabric which have been tested to reduce echo and unwanted noise.