A Taste of our Offerings


Blinds can be a cost effective and functional window treatment. With a vast range of suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer various types of blinds and fabrics with practical lead-times and to suit your needs for functionality and style. All blinds are made to order and installed to Australian standards.

Different types of Blinds Products

Roller Blinds

Simple, cost effective and lead-time friendly, roller blinds are a stylish and adaptable window treatment. Available in Motorised, spring and chain driven systems, and with a vast range of fabrics to suit all purposes and styles.

External roller blinds

Designed to control natural light, heat and sun radiation which help to maximise the use of outdoor spaces or aid in the use of interior spaces which are unsuitable internal window treatments. External roller blinds are manufactured robust stainless steel and powdercoated aluminium components and with a wide range of fabrics to select from and the option of manual or motorised operation.

Roman Blinds

A traditional and elegant window treatment combining the softness of a curtain with the practicality of a blinds. Available in various styles and operation types. Roman Blinds can be customised in fabrics to match curtains or from a selection of suitable blinds fabrics.

Venetian Blinds

A classic and versatile window treatment, Available in various materials and sizes of the slats which changes the aesthetic completely to make venetian blinds as suitable in a home, as they are in an office, or health care setting.

Available with various operations include cord, wand or control knob for between-glass installations.