A Taste of our Offerings


A stylish, and timeless option for your windows. Curtains can soften any space whilst providing privacy, helping with noise and blockout light. We specialise in all types of curtains, including window curtains, privacy-screen curtains, shower curtains, stage curtains and more. All of our curtains are custom made to suit your project.​ With access to a huge range of fabrics, and various tracking systems, we can achieve a variety of styles and can offer a range of accessories including: tiebacks, flick sticks, swags and tails to achieve the most practical and effective finish.

Different types of Curtain Products

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are perfect for areas you need privacy, but you are still wanting to allow light in the room. A sheer curtain can be a great option to soften a space. Sheer curtains also work perfectly with a blockout roller blind installed to the rear, for areas that you still need the option of blockout or light.

Heavy Curtains

A great option for light control and creating a more formal look, heavy curtains can be manufactured with blockout fabric, dimout-fabric or fully lined with all types of headings to create a functional and classic looking finish to your space.

Privacy Curtains

We make Privacy curtains for all types of facilities. We recommend that the privacy curtains are made at a “one size fits all” for ease of laundering with a buttonhole heading for ease of use by housekeeping staff, and for higher tracks we have the option of a mesh heading to allow air flow. 

Shower Curtains

We can manufacture shower curtains to suit the size and style of tracks in a shower space.
With various options of fabrics available, and in weighted or un-weighted hem options.