A Taste of our Offerings


From decorative tracks & rods to house window drapes, to custom curved hospital tracking with ant ligature capabilities and curtain loading mechanisms, we have tracks to suit all different scenarios and requirements.

Different types of Tracks Products

Window Tracks

With a vast range of suppliers and industry partners we can offer all types of tracks for window drapes suitable for all types of commercial and residential applications. Depending on the requirement there are discreet, economical and robust options for where it’s all about the curtains, or decorative yet functional rods for more of a statement. Tracks that can be custom bent and various types of operation including hand-drawn, motorised or wand operation.

Privacy Tracks

Suspended or ceiling mounted tracks which can be bent onsite to suit the layouts as required for shower screens or bedscreens. All tracks installed to code ensuring Fired egress and OHS requirements are maintained.


Tracks that can be installed with anti-ligature components to maintain functionality requirements for privacy while also creating a safe environment for Mental health care


Classic timber rods or a more functional tube slider rod we have a wide range options for a decorative finish for your curtains tracks.