A Taste of our Offerings


A stylish and timeless option for your windows. Curtains can soften any space whilst providing privacy, helping with noise and blockout light. We specialise in all types of curtains, including window curtains, privacy-screen curtains, shower curtains, stage curtains and more. All of our curtains are custom made to suit your project. With access to a huge range of fabrics and various tracking systems, we can achieve a variety of styles and can offer a range of accessories including: tiebacks, flick sticks, swags and tails to achieve the most practical and effective finish.


Blinds can be a cost effective and functional window treatment. With a vast range of suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer various types of blinds and fabrics with practical lead-times and to suit your needs for functionality and style.

All blinds are made to order and installed to Australian standards.

Shutters & Louvres

Timeless, shutters & louvres are a great finish internally and externally in both operable and fix options, shutters and louvres create practical and stylish privacy screen or light control option.


From decorative tracks & rods to house window drapes to custom curved hospital tracking with anti ligature capabilities and curtain loading mechanisms, we have tracks to suit all different scenarios and requirements.


Pelmets are a practical, robust and stylish way of finishing a curtain or blind installation. A great option to create sturdy housing for tracks and curtains, hiding all tracks and fixings and also increases insulation properties.

Custom built to suit the project, they can be painted to a specified colour or upholstered in a fabric finish.

Bed Furnishings

We custom make bedspreads, valances and cushions to complete the look of any room.

We can create the best top of bed finishes to suit the size & style of bed, along with the practicality of the end user and the aesthetic of the space. We also love a challenge, and have created ways of adapting bedheads and valances to health care beds to create a homely finish to a functional environment.

Along with various style of hotel valances, bed runners, cushions and pillow covers to pair back with the other treatments in the space.


We can offer a range of awning solutions to help maximise the use of external entertaining areas or create decorative solutions to hide unsightly services on a ceiling in your interior spaces.

With a range of styles of awnings and industry partners, we can utilise for the best outcome for your space, both aesthetically and functionally. 

Accoustic Products

Today’s architecture is full of design elements like large spans of glass, vast open-plan spaces and lots of hard surfaces like timber, steel and concrete.

These surfaces can sometimes create a problem for the functionality in the environment with sound echoing, and noise amplified by sound bouncing from these hard surfaces.

Reillys, in conjunction with our industry partners, can offer acoustic solutions in the form of curtains, blinds and wall mounted decorative panels which are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also have NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating.

Other Products

We pride ourself on our problem solving, and love sourcing new solutions for our customers to achieve the best fit for purpose outcome when traditional window coverings we offer are the best solution.