Welcome to the Torres Project, a recent home renovation undertaken by Hipwell Constructions for a valued client. Every detail of the design, meticulously crafted throughout the entire residence, reflects a standard of excellence!

Reillys completed all window furnishings, showcasing our custom Reilly track system in both ceiling and face fit configurations. The curtains, manufactured using the beautiful Hamptons linen sourced from Nettex, which add a delicate elegance to the interior decor, seamlessly complementing the space.

Additionally, plantation shutters were selected for the children’s rooms, offering both functionality and style. Designed for easy maintenance, these shutters are ideal for spaces where frequent use by little hands requires a durable solution.

Each furnishing selection was carefully curated, resulting in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing finish. We take great pride in the outcome of this project and invite you to explore the stunning collection of photos capturing its beauty.