Why Residential?

At Reillys we are passionate about window furnishings and we have decided to make the exciting move to expand into the residential market, bringing the Reillys products and services into the family home. 

After over 20 years with a central focus on the commercial sector, with previously only dabbling in the residential market here and there, generally through leads from exisiting commercial commercial clients or friends & family. 

As the business grew we found more and more residential clients were being referred to us, but frankly our resources were exhausted on commercial work and did not have the means to execute the residential work to the level of service which we have built our name on. 


Eventually we began to need to say no to work, as we did not want to compromise the quality of the Reilly brand…but saying no has never sat well with us!!

Then came covid… 

Like the rest of the world everything was thrown into a bit of a tail spin but ultimately opened up some new opportunities to pivot and Reillys Residential was born. 

With Commercial work heavily effected by lockdowns, staff isolating and subsequent supply chain issues, many of our projects were affected. 

We were one of the lucky ones able to maintain work throughout the pandemic and our team kept some-what busy on essential Government Health Infrastructure Projects. But our Aged Care work which has always been a core focus for the business, all stopped completely. 

Meanwhile, one area that boomed was home improvements and with some of our resources freed up, we could stop saying no!

We found with Cal & Duncs construction background, Cassie’s background in design and Jill’s love to create processes, we were able to refine the service we could now offer our residential customers and really seperate it from the successful commercial approach we have built our business on. 

“We can utilise our expertise, engaging with clients from beginning to end, delivering a seamless experience”

We wanted to ensure we can work more in tune with the client so that they can have a clear understanding of the expectations at the start of the project.This meant adding a residential expert to our team who can have their focus away from other commercial work, and who has the ability to explain the process and options available to the customer in a detailed manner that helps them to understand, even when they may have no knowledge in construction or design. 

We have now welcomed Prue back into our team, who has years of Reillys experience and fresh from rebuilding her own new home. She has the experience provided to oversee the projects in the Residential division and has hit the ground running with some really exciting homes to help transform or finish with the window coverings in the near future!

Moving into Residential we strive to deliver exceptional style, quality and service to every job, and we truly take joy out out seeing our clients happy. 

We look forward to building our residential portfolio to be just as fulfilling as our commercial business.